Centro Femminile Italiano (ITA-37)

Type: Education: Teaching languages - Country: Italy

Brief description and main aims

The Italian Female's Centre (CIF) of Vicopisano is a voluntary organization which belongs to the CIF national organization with sections in 90 provinces and 500 municipalities in Italy. For over 20 years CIF Vicopisano has organized afterschool activities for young people, formal and non-formal educational activities for adults and the elderly, meetings with experts and seminars as well as socializing activities for all ages.

Currently, the association is made of 19 volunteer members of which 13 are active volunteers; these last ones are in charge of the entire management of the organization and cover management and administrative roles of the various activities.

Main Activities

The afterschool program takes place every weekday afternoon from 14.30 to 19.00, involving an average of 22 children and young people aged 5-18 from primary, secondary and high schools. It is an open access service attended by those in need of a space for socialization and help with homework. They do their homework in an environment aiming at reinforce their abilities, autonomy in the study process, motivation to learn, self-esteem and mutual help alternating work and breaks to favour socialization and group dynamics.

In the field of educational services for adults, CIF offers training opportunities on different topics in order to promote socialization and guarantee the acquisition of useful skills. In this context, the following activities are carried out:

1. Language workshops (English, Spanish, French)

2. Italian language workshops for foreigners

3. Language Café on Saturday afternoon: a friendly way to improve language skills without attending formal classes

4. Computer literacy

5. Workshops on nutrition and lifestyle

6. Thematic meetings about the importance of doing sports activities

During the summer: summer camps take place, including both recreational activities and help with homework

On weekends and on particular celebrations, CIF Volunteers carry out socialization activities for the local population and for the elderly:

1. Sunday Raffle/Tombola

2. Afternoons for seniors

3. Events (Halloween, Epiphany, Carnival, birthday parties)

4. Alzheimer's Café, a project foreseeing meetings among patients with senile dementia, art therapy and workshops with family members/ people who take care of patients to provide help and share experiences

Volunteer tasks

  • Participation in the staff meetings to settle the programme activities
  • Support in the afterschool programme, open 5 afternoons per week, helping children with their homework through workshops, group work or individually work
  • Support children with specific learning disabilities and linguistic difficulties
  • Organization of linguistic workshop for children and young people both in group and individually
  • Presence to the canteen service with the educators, children and adolescents
  • Organization of games, outdoor and recreational activities before and after the afterschool programme
  • Support teachers, educators and the staff members in tutoring and linguistic activities with adults and elderly people
  • Support adults and elderly people during the online training courses
  • Organization and management of workshops
  • Participation in the monthly coordinating meetings with public stakeholders

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be:

  • An open-minded young person with a positive attitude to work in an education and training programme with different kinds of people: children, teenagers, adults and elderly people
  • Ready and motivated to interact with local people and live a deep cultural experience
  • Patient, kind, polite, tolerant, able to listen actively and willing to work in team


Rural area in a small city, 20 km from Pisa and 80 km from Reggio Emilia and Parma. Internet is free.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Double room for 2 people with kitchen and bathroom. The food will be provided from the CIF including breakfast, lunch and dinner.

More Information

Number of volunteers in project: 2

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