Thriftwood Scout Activity Centre (UKD-47)

Type: Sport/Culture: Outdoor activities - Country: United Kingdom

Brief description and main aims

Thriftwood is a Scout Activity Centre which aims to work with the development of young people. We were established in 1957 as a living memorial to those Scouts who died during the two world wars. We provide camping and activities for Scouts from across the world to come and help them develop spiritually, mentally and physically

Main Activities

We have continued to this day where we undertake programmes for Scouts, Guides, Youth groups and Schools. Our aims are the same today as there were almost 60years ago, to provide inspirational leadership and development of young people.

To undertake this we off all the opportunity to take part in adventurous activities that can be used to stretch people young and old alike, to push their capabilities and learn their strengths and weaknesses.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer will be working alongside other volunteers and apprentices of different ages and from different countries. You will be trained to deliver activity sessions in climbing, archery, high ropes, kayaking etc. You will be working on the day to day upkeep of the centre. This will include cleaning and repairs. As many of our activities are off ground an ability to work at height would be an advantage. The ability to swim is also advantageous.

We also run large events throughout the year, these are immense fun but very hard work, with longer than usual hours. Depending on the time of year there are busier times when we have lots of groups camping however in the winter it is quieter and we will concentrate more on preparation for the coming season. So during the winter the tasks will include maintenance of the site and physical outdoor work.


This varies with the time of year and the level of business we have in. Most weeks you will be allocated 2 rest days however in the busiest summer months (May to August) this may only be 1 and the rest allocated at other times, We record the time volunteered so on average you will not work more than 40 hours per week. Due to the nature of the business it is likely that the rest days will not be at weekends and not always consecutive

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The ideal volunteer will be someone who enjoys working in the outdoor environment; The volunteer must be interested in working with young people and be prepared to live with a diverse group of likeminded people. If you have a scouting, guiding or youth group back ground this is an advantage but not essential.
Due to the nature of the British weather be prepared for cold and wet days during the autumn to spring months.

Volunteers must be prepared to work outside, even when it’s cold and raining.

We will accept male and female volunteer’s however we require you to be at least 18 years of age. Whilst we do not have a maximum age an ideal range will be 18 to 25 but this is dependent on the experience and flexibility of the person applying.


Thriftwood is 98 acres of mixed woodland in the heart of Brentwood Essex. We are a 20 min walk from the train station and this is a 20 minute train ride to central London, or Southend and the beach.

Use of activity equipment depending on competence and availability, staff social for all staff. Close proximity to London and visitor attractions.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

All our staff live in shared accommodation. This is based in a lodge and caravans. Most volunteers will have their own bedroom, although on occasion they might be required to share with another volunteer of the same sex. Volunteers at this project should be prepared to share a living room. Both buildings’ have shared use of toilet and washing facilities as well as kitchens where food can be prepared in the evenings and the weekends. You will be cooking for yourselves with the rest of the team in the staff accommodation lodge. We provide the team with a budget each week, with which you will need to plan, buy and cook the meals together with the rest of the team living in the accommodation.

Wi-Fi connection available for own laptop/workbook

More Information

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