Menthe Abricot Cerise School (FRA-29)

Type: Education, Children - Country: France

Brief description and main aims

The school welcomes 27 children of 3 to 11 years old, and offers Montessori educational methods based on:
·Trust and respectful human relationships
·Unfazed atmosphere which favor the learning process
·Clear and structured educational methods
·Individual work in a collective setting
·Experiences and discoveries by the child himself. The child work with his own rhythm.
·Learn with concrete experience before taking on abstraction
·A self-corrective materiel which allows the child to self-evaluate

Main Activities

The school ambition regarding the education is to reveal to the child all the skills he has in himself, without judgment and to enable him to become a responsible adult who takes initiatives and has a critical mind.
The work of the educators is to guide the children in their learning process in daily life.
Parents’ organization is in charge of the administration. The organization brings together pupils’ parents and is in charge of the communication, the promotion and raising funds. The president of the organization is in charge of the management of the school.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer will support the educators. At the very beginning, the volunteer will observe in order to understand the educational approach and its methods. After that, the volunteer will animate activities with the educators. The volunteer suggest, prepare and animate new educational activities (language courses, outings, thematic projects, etc.) with the help of the educators.
Example of activities:
  • Taking care of the children
  • Preparing tools for activities
  • Giving spanish lessons with Montessori's material
  • Helpding children dress and undress
  • Preparing breakfast and lunch
  • Helping the kitchen staff
  • Cleaning the classroom

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer must be prepared to teach with different methods and tools. He/she has to make an effort to understand and respect these educational methods chosen by Menthe-Abricot-Cerise School. He/she has to show concern in his/her work with the children, has to be patient and flexible. Besides, the volunteer has to take into consideration that he/she will spend a lot of time with the children. The volunteer must take initiatives.
*As the school year ends in June, the volunteer has to take into account that he/she may participate during July and August in workcamp in France


Roissard is a really isolated beautiful little village located in the Isère department, in the Rhône-Alpes region, a rural area with mid-high altitude mountains. The town has 240 inhabitants. The nearest city is Grenoble, 40kms far away. Roissard is a 740 meters altitude village. If summers are nice, winters can be really cold (under 0° Celsius, snow).

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will be hosted in a family  in Roissard or in a village near to it. It may happen that the volunteer has to move to another host family several times during the year (sometimes once a month). This change can occur in order to facilitate the organization of the hosting structure and the people involved in the program.
Lunch is at school but the other meals are with the family.

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