ACAM – Associação Comunitária Ambiente da Mafalala (Football Coaching) (MOZ-33)

Type: Sport/Leisure, Health, Environment, Community, Children - Country: Mozambique

Brief description and main aims

The Associação Comunitária Ambiente da Mafalala – ACAM is a non profit Community Based Organization legally registered, based in one of the most popular slam/neighborhood in Maputo, Mafalala. ACAM is youth lead organization and their main target groups are children, local youth, woman, etc.
The main purpose of ACAM (the football coaching school) is to have a community with of basic sanitation conditions assured and with an adequate quality of life for the human being. It also want to contribute for improving the life conditions of the less privileged groups in the community as well to increase the access of the basic needs and the environment protection of Mafalala neighborhood.

Main Activities

Their main activities of the organization can be summed up into the areas below:

  • social action;
  • education;
  • health;
  • environment; 
  • sports (football coaching); 
  • environment (main awareness campaigns in rubbish management, cleaning activities in the local excavates of drainage and etc) ;
  • culture and vocational trainings for youth (in carpentry, batik, tapestry and sewing). 

Volunteer tasks

As ACAM has several areas of activities we will divide the role of the volunteers according to the chosen working area.
1. Football Coaching
Two volunteers are needed as football coaching assistant in which will be working with 50 children divided in 2 groups of 25 kids in two periods of the day. 25 children in the morning, from 0730h to 10h and from 1400h to 1600h. Note that the training with the children only happen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturdays are reserved for competitions in which the volunteer should take part. The other days of the week are mainly reserved for meetings in the office and activity planning but also visit other local clubs to exchange experiences. Also note that during the month of November a tournament is organized in collaboration with other neighbourhoods of Maputo in which the role of the volunteer is also important.
2. Social Workers Assistant
In this field, the volunteer will be mainly working with orphans and vulnerable children of Mafalala and the role may be:
  • Training children in different topics that offer tools to learn how to live better with themselves and with the others as well share positive values and see the future with different eyes; It may also include teaching languages;
  • Monitoring school proficiency of the children;
  • Assist other local social workers in different social fields.
3. Other Activities.
  • Which may include non regular activities:
  • Construction and/or substitution of latrines and drains;
  • Cleaning together with the local community;
  • HIV/AIDS and other disease awareness campaigns;
  • Advocacy campaigns;

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Able to communicate in English;
  • Woman or Male;
  • Age between 18 to 35 years old but not limited to that;
  • Passion with the community work;
  • Open to learn and ability to share personal experience;
  • Active, creative;
  • Interested in Social media;
  • Web development skills;
  • Marketing and publicity.



Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Mozambican Host Family

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