KULIMA – Organismo Moçambicano Para o Desenvolvimento Sócio-económico Integrado (MOZ-27)

Type: Human rights, Health, Environment, Education, Agriculture - Country: Mozambique

Brief description and main aims

KULIMA is a Mozambican NGO, that works since 1984 in the scope of Integrated Socio-Economic Development. Is particularly engaged in rural areas or in grassroots communities in the whole Mozambican territory. The word "Kulima" is common in the Bantu language and means "dig" or "cultivate the land". The name has a historical relation as, KULIMA for ages, has been working with rural communities, whose the income comes from the land.

KULIMA was born in 1984, inspired by and in partnership with a French NGO (Bioforce) during the civil war period in support to the refugees, in order to create proper living conditions and definitive reseattlements in favourable areas. At the 3rd May, 1990, KULIMA was recognized by the former Ministry of Cooperation as an National NGO and in 1995 got the legal recognition by the Ministry of Justice and could operate officially and legally in the whole Mozambique.

As main objective of KULIMA, in the respect legal organizational status, remains the dedication in activities on behalf of the less previleged communities either rural or semi rural, in order for jointly up lift the level of socio-economic development in which they live in.

As mission we want to increase the level of welfare of the poor communities in  Mozambique, fighting against all the obstacles that contribute to the increasing of the poverty in the heart of the same communities through integrated activities that aim at the promotion of the productivity in Agriculture and of the commercialization of the products, the promotion of the programs of rural Microfinances, the sustainable use of Water, of the Promotion of the environmental Sanitation, of the Health and Education for everybody, of the formation of appropriated technicians for the different areas of action, the promotion of the sectors of Woman, of elder age, of youth and of children, valuing always the culture of
PEACE, with actions based on Right Human and in Good Governance.

Our vision is to claim to be and always remain as an organization for with the needs of the people that suffers and available to give our support to those groups that are more discriminated in Mozambique, joining ourselves to the efforts that they do for the grow in an integrated socio-economic level, becoming actors of their own development.

Main Activities

KULIMA intervenes in two main areas, Rural Development and Social Promotion according to the needs of the grassroots communities, mainly, in the rural stretch, support in the social
activities civic education, sanitary and small industries, environment (reforestation), workmanship, own shelter (dwelling), social responsibility (orphans and vulnerable children), programs of emergency, Human Rights, gender and promotion of the woman, supplying of water and basic health (programs of fight against the Malaria, cholera, Tuberculosis and HIV and AIDS).

Volunteer tasks

The role of the volunteers among others will be but, not limited only to that, the following:

  • To support the technically the team in undertaking their activities;
  • Provide psychosocial support to orphans and vulnerable children;
  • To participate in meetings and workshops with the communities;
  • Supporting in elaborating intervention planning;
  • Contribute to the dissemination of innovative activities in the communities;
  • Etc.
Working hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am till 3:30 pm.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

We expect the volunteer to be:

  • Willing to work with people who are HIV-positive;
  • Be flexible and adaptable to a new culture and different working habits;
  • The ability to communicate verbally in Portuguese greatly increases the number of tasks that the volunteer would be able to undertake. If the volunteer does not have Portuguese when they start working on the project they will have limited possibilities until their Portuguese improves (these possibilities are set out in the 'volunteer tasks' section below);
  • Being sensitive to the life conditions and difficulties (vulnerability) of the target group;
  • Be creative and able to initiate new activities (one-off and ongoing);
  • Patience and ability to deal with frustrations and difficult situations;
  • Education and/or experience in particular fields (e.g. rural development, HIV/AIDS, medicine, education, community work, administration, organisational development, training, computers, website development, vocational skills such as agriculture, carpentry, sewing etc, psychology or counselling, work with NGOs, awareness-raising work, fundraising) would give the volunteer the chance to undertake activities in related areas of the work of the associations.


Maputo City. We are based in Maputo but our activities are implemented across the country where we have established regional and provincial offices.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Host family.

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