Schools and School Assistance (GER-40)

Type: Education: Primary school - Country: Germany

Brief description and main aims

In the last years, ICJA has increased the cooperation with schools and associations which organize school assistance and after-school care. An example of this cooperation is Waldorfschule, an elementary school for children with emotional and behavioural difficulties. It's a school with an alternative learning concept which puts special emphasis on the development of emotional, social and personal skills of its students. The children are normally given more freedom to decide what they would like to learn and there are more activities related to movement and being outside. There are also other schools like Montessorischule with alternative learning concepts. The project’s aim is to develop the emotional, social and personal skills of children with disabilities.

Main Activities

Supporting the children’s rhythmical work and artwork. The school assists with therapeutic work, skilled manual and social work. They offer individual social care and excursions.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer can participate and support in all daily activities, such as the classes or the outdoor activities. It would be also possible that the volunteer talks about his/her home country and culture.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be tolerant towards the children. He/she should be empathetic and interested in their differences and special needs. Special handiwork skills are appreciated.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

More Information

The German school system divides between elementary schools from grade 1-4 (age 6-10) and then differs between a secondary school (“Realschule” grade 5-10) and Gymnasium (grade 5-12). Moreover there are private schools which teach children with special needs or disabilities. In many federal states, the education system already offers school times during the whole day or until late afternoon. This is especially needed by parents who work full-time. These schools usually offer lunch for the children.
When working in a school your tasks can vary from taking care of the school grounds, assisting in the school kitchen andsupervising the children in theirbreaks and free timeafter classes. If your German skills are sufficient you may also help them with their homework and accompany the teachers during lessons. 
Working in schools will give the volunteer a good impression about the German education system. Projects usually expect pedagogical experience in a certain amount and the ability to handle groups of many children with patience and enjoyment.

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