Deenabandhu trust (IND-33)

Type: Sport/Leisure, Education, Development, Children - Country: India

Brief description and main aims

Deenabandhu is a voluntary organization committed to the welfare of orphaned, abandoned and destitute children of all castes, creed & religion.

Founded in 1992, at Chamarajanagar, Karnataka, its activities have expanded to meet the needs of the community.

Our goal is to give children basic education up to 10th standard (16 years) and equip them with life oriented vocational training. Technical or college education is provided for those with academic aptitude by linking them with sponsors.
The children are educated with the view of playing their part in mainstream society through an environment at home and school, which stresses on the development of values

Main Activities

Home for the children: Started with six boys in a rented house with support form Canara Bank Relief
& Welfare Society, the main objective is to provide a stress-free homely atmosphere that ensures
that each child develops his/her latent potential and individual abilities.
Home for the Boys: Presently there are 40 boys in the age group of three years to sixteen years under the care of four house mothers/wardens and are housed in cottages.
  • Eight boys pursue college studies and are supported through sponsorship. Some of them have settled well after completing the studies.
  • Fifteen boys have opted the vocational program and have found a stable placement.

Home for the Girls: This was started in the year 2005 with nine girls in a rented house. An exclusive composite building close to the existing school campus was built for them.

Deenabandhu Primary School: The school was founded in 1998 to provide high quality free education for children or poor farmers, landless laborers and other socially marginalized groups, our special program for children include Mid-day meal and Health education.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteers will:
  • take part in the ordinary day life so the should be open to learn about Indian culture, religion (tradition, festivals) and way of thinking.
  •  be a part of the project and take care of the children.
  • be really flexible and have a lot of initiative to find a work you want to do. There are a lot of opportunities where the volunteer can carry out their own projects, both at Deenabandhu primary school and at the children home.
  • spend their time in the school teaching and creating lessons (playing games, out door activities, handicraft).
  • once in a while  have some smaller projects like painting the playground walls after school, before the children have to do their tasks (homework, prayers, cleaning).

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should:
  • Be creative, flexible, motivated.
  • Be aware of the situation of accommodation (2 people all time together).
  • Love children.
  • Be independent.
  • Be able to carry responsibilities even in the late hours.
  • Be healthy.


Deenabandhu Community is located at Chamarajanagar; this City is located 60kms far away from Mysore. This Community is in a semi-rural environment. The majority of our buildings are eco friendly, which were made using locally sourced materials. There are many languages spoken in Deenabandhu. At Deenabandhu Community, there is a regular bus service to and from the city.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The host project provides food and accommodation for the volunteers at the project.

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