Vaishnavi Secondary School (NEP-5)

Type: Education: Secondary School - Country: Nepal

Brief description and main aims

Vaishnavi   Secondary   School   is   one   of   the renowned community schools of Kirtipur Municipality   that   offers   schooling   from   nursery  to  tenth grate.  This  school  has  102 students  and  15  staff members. It  is  partially  monitored  by government and provided with financial support to pay for the teachers and other infrastructure. Most of the Students in the community school come from nearby villages and from families with weak financial backgrounds.

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer will be teaching English, as prescribed by the school, and co-coordinating with a local English teacher. Volunteers will organize various extracurricular learning activities for the students, such as health and civic education, games, drawing, painting, sports, quiz contests, awareness raising activities in the community, debates, music classes etc.

Other Activities

  • Play educative games with kids
  • Develop activities according to the students' needs and pritorizing the listening and speaking classes
  • Organize educational tours and other activities so the students can have a more practical learning experience 
  • Be a role model. Smoking and drinking is forbidden in front of the students.
  • Teach extra English language classes for students if they eager to learn either after school or during holidays (for example if the school is closed).  
Tasks menitoned above are examples of activities where local host expects the help of volunteers.
Note: Volunteers should pay for outdoor activities

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should: 
  • Be flexible
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Show eagerness, ability to maintain motivation and reliability
  • Show creativity and initiative when planning and taking part of activities
  • Have confidence in their work
  • Have strong time management skills to ensure an effective support
  • Provide students with extracurricular activities


Vaishnavi Community School is located in Kirtipur, one of the oldest human settlements in the Kathmandu Valley. This tiny town is recorded as an ancient capital of Nepal. The location of this small town is different from the other main towns of the valley because it occupies the top of a steep rocky hill.

It is inhabited and dominated by Newars, which are the earliest settlers in the Valley with their own language, cultural norms and values. Originally a Newari  foundation, it is no doubt that Kirtipur is still a center of Newari culture. They always use their local language when they talk to each other. However,  people  of different  castes  and  religions  now  stay  in this  place.  It has  many  temples,  gumbas  and  churches  as  well. Because of the Tribhuwan University, the place is crowded with students.
Newari language,  also known as Nepal Bhasha, was Nepal’s administrative language from 14th to the late 18th century. Newars always use Newari language when they talk to each other. However now a day’s people of different casts and religion stay in this place. So it consists of many Temples, Gumbas and Churches as well. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers  will  be  accommodated  with  a  host  family. The school is located close to the placement facility, 10 minutes by walking. Our  host  family  is  carefully  chosen  and  holds  years  of  experience  in  the  field  of  hosting international travelers. The host family is welcoming and offers help for the volunteers. They have been working with us for a long period of time.
Volunteers will be provided 3 local, Nepalese meals a day, including breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our  host  families  have  basic  bathroom  facilities  and  running  tap  water.  Electricity  and  WIFI are also available. The host family has 5 members: a grandmother, host father and his  wife  with  their  2  sons.  The host  family  will  provide  accommodation  and  food  for  the  volunteers  and  they  need  to 
share rooms with volunteers of other nationalities joining the same project. From 9:00 to 9:30 volunteers will have their lunch and dinner is served from 7:30 to 8:00 pm. 

More Information

A maximum of 4 volunteers can be engaged in this project. Volunteers need to check with the hosting organization in advance to see the availability of the project.


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