SEE II – ICYE Eastlinks

EVS project in EU and SEE countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro)

10 long-term volunteer placements from June 2003 to December 2003

This project aimed to foster long-term voluntary service between the participating EU  and SEE countries offered young people the possibility to acquire experiences and knowledge about voluntary service and civil society in general by living and working in EU and SEE countries, including for the first time also Macedonia and Montenegro.  The volunteers as well as the coordinators learnt from each other and engaged in multiple initiatives promoting youth volunteering and civil society.

XXIII ICYE General Assembly 2003

The XXIII General Assembly (GA) of the ICYE Federation was held on the 16th through the 23th of November 2003, in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. It was attended by some 60 participants representing all the ICYE National Committees, regional bodies and invited organisations. Overall, the General Assembly was a success.

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SEE I – ICYE-Eastlinks

EVS project in EU and SEE countries (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro)

12 long-term volunteer placements from February 2003 to August 2003

The project aimed at building one European identity at grassroots level in EU and SEE countries.5 young volunteers from South East Europe worked in EU non-governmental organisations, disabled care institutions, as well as projects working with refugees and homeless people. At the same time 7 Western Europeans got the chance to volunteer in Bosnian, Bulgarian, Croatian and Serbian non-governmental organisations in conflict resolution, new media, environmental issues and youth work, offering a rich sample of civil society where volunteerism definitely brought an added value to the development of local communities.

ICYE-Eastlinks VI

EVS project in EU and CEE countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia )

long-term volunteer placements from November 2003 to June 2003

The objective of this multilateral EVS project was to enhance the participation of Central European Countries, namely the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Romania and Slovakia in long term voluntary services between the ICYE and Eastlinks partners. The young volunteers engaged in a range of quite different local hosting projects, ranging from children care institutions, youth organisations to cultural heritage and environmental protection enhancing direct bilateral cooperation between sending and hosting organisations.

ICYE-Eastlinks pilot project

EVS project in EU and CEEC  countries

10 long-term volunteer placements from November 2003 to June 2003

Project Documentation

The involvement of motivated young people in HIV/AIDS prevention projects aimed at enhancing cooperation between themselves and the wider HIV/AIDS prevention sector. The volunteer’s presence added an intercultural dimension to preventative and care work, as well as an input in term of human resources and networking links, which eventually became a source of inspiration for similar joint future projects. In more general terms, this project  advocated the cause and visibility of HIV/AIDS projects towards civil society, with a view to promoting a more widespread responsibility in the fight against AIDS across all frontiers.