Municipal Primary School (POL-9)

Type: Youth, Education, Children - Country: Poland

Brief description and main aims

The school is one of municipal primary schools in Pultusk. During the day the pupils attend lessons according to regular core curriculum. After school hours kids go to the common room to relax and play with other kids while waiting for their parents. Common room usually has 20 kids or more and two teachers willing to help and play.

Main Activities

The Primary School's main activities include:

  • Common Room: Playing, drawing, painting or any other activity the volunteer can propose to spend time with the kids in the best way possible.
  • Language classes: During an English lesson the volunteer either help the teacher or will be giving the lesson, a small presentation about his/her country or creating different activities using non-formal education to help the students improve their communication and language skills.
There are many events happening at school and the volunteer will be invited to join them and actively participate in the school life.

Volunteer tasks

Volunteer's tasks include:

  • Organising games, workshops, competitions for the children.
  • Playing, singing, dancing with the kids.
  • Watching children during their free time activities.
  • Teaching English through different non-formal methods.
  • Helping teachers according to current needs.
  • Prepare their own initiatives, based on his/her experience with kids, skills and creativity and knowledge.
  • Occasional participation in events for children, youth and seniors organized by FIYE Poland.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should be:

  • Able to communicate in English.
  • Motivated to work as a volunteer (no paid work nor studies are allowed during your project) and willing to learn.
  • Friendly and willing to get to know and work with children.
  • Independent, reliable and diligent.
  • Open-minded and open to different cultures and lifestyles.
Any talents and hobbies such as playing instruments, painting, dancing, cooking etc. will be helpful. Certificate of Good Conduct. The volunteer is asked to participate in a Skype meeting with the coordinator.


Pultusk is a small town of nearly 20 thousand inhabitants with a very long history dating back to the XIV century. Once an important religious and administrative centre, today it is a provincial town aiming to become a tourist destination. Unlike other small towns of Mazovian region, it has unique, charming, and old architecture. It can boast attractive location at the Narew River and neighboring forest complex “White Forest”.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will have a shared room in an independent flat. During working days lunches will be served in the canteen (no vegetarian nor halal option possible), food allowance for other meals and weekend will be provided.

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