Public Organisation "Down Syndrome Association" (RUS-2)

Type: Disabled, Children - Country: Russian Federation

Brief description and main aims

In our country the diagnosis "Down Syndrome" turns out to be a verdict which leads to the loss of parents in most of the cases. Nine of ten families reject their children immediately. And only five of these nine live more than one year. Only 10% of children with the Down syndrome live in families, the rest of them are raised and educated in orphanages.

Some families did not want to put up with this situation and decided to establish a public organization of parents and speech therapists. The mission of the organisation is to protect the rights of the disabled as guaranteed by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Main Activities

The activities of the organisation are focused on:

  • the protection of the disabled children’s rights
  • the participation in elaborating the laws and other juridical acts related to the rights of the disabled
  • providing psychological support to the children and their families
  • consulting the families on the questions of the disabled children’s rights
  • providing information on the rehabilitation and medical treatment of the disabled children
  • the creation of library of a specific literature
  • the organization of the seminars and trainings for the parents and specialists
  • the organization of leisure time for the disabled children

Volunteer tasks

Volunteers will help in the kindergarten where children with Down Syndrome attend alongside other children without the condition. Tasks will include:
  • one on one support for children with Down Syndrome
  • supporting the kindergarten’s teachers in the carrying out of educational activities
  • aiding childrens' development through play
  • helping children with practical tasks such as changing and eating
  • leading activities on topics that interest the volunteer and are relevant to the project, e.g. musical workshop, session about home culture etc.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

The volunteer should:
  • be between 18-30 years old
  • have a strong motivation and desire to work with the children with the Down syndrome
  • have tolerance and patience
  • bre creative and share new ideas
Knowledge of English and Russian and experience working in the spheres of Psychology and Pedagogics is very welcome.


The project is located in Samara. 

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteer will either live in a host family, or in rented apartment shared with other international volunteers.

More Information

Typical daily schedule

Monday –Friday from 08:30 til 14.00 (an hour lunch break)

Saturday, Sunday - days off

  • 08.30–12.30 – helping with breakfast, playing with children
  • 12.30- 13.30 - lunch break (helping the children eat)
  • 13.30- 14.00 - assistance to the staff in tidying, planning next day's activities

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