International Youth Master - North (VNM-131)

Type: Cultural Exposure, Youth, Education - Country: Vietnam

Brief description and main aims

International Youth Master (IYM) is one of community projects of Global Youth Compass (GYC) Community which was established by Volunteers for Peace Vietnam in the beginning of 2017. This project is a new initiative that aims to support education through intercultural learning and English/French language skills among young people in Vietnam. In the globalized world, youth in Vietnam need to have important skills such as soft-skills, language and also understanding of global development.

Main Activities

Through the tools of language and non-formal education methods, IYM includes raising awareness of global challenges such as poverty or the in-equality caused by the uneven distribution of resources, environmental degradation, violent conflicts or human rights, thus creating deeper understanding of the complexity of the underlying causes. It aims to change people‘s attitudes by them reflecting on their own roles in the world. Global education motivates and empowers people to become active, responsible global citizens.

The program plans to foster the connection between local youth and international volunteers through language classes, culture exchange and global education activities.

Volunteer tasks

International Volunteers will take part in the IYM which will take place in local schools.

  • International Volunteers will run and organize English/French language together with Vietnamese
  • volunteers in different groups of young participants
  • International Volunteers will run various social/cultural events and activities in order to introduce international cultures to local youth.
  • International and local volunteers will run non-formal education activities on global issues (environment, gender equality) in a fun and creative way.

International volunteers will work from Monday-Friday, and sometimes at the weekend (if required, and they can take days off afterward).

Project availability: June to August (only available in summer).

Travel to work: about 30 minutes on food or by local buses.

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteers should like to work with children and students, maturity and initiative. Volunteers should be able to work independently in the classroom.

  • Fluent English or French
  • Age: Over 18
  • Be open-minded and sociable.


The project is based mainly in Hanoi.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

Volunteers will stay in a dormitory with rooms shared with other volunteers. Sometimes project stay may be arranged. Living conditions will be Vietnamese standard with separate bathroom, single bed with mattress.
Food will be provided at accommodation. Meals will be mostly local food, which vary from the daily cooking schedule. Volunteers, especially those who are vegetarian may be required to do some cooking by themselves. During working-days food is provided by the host placement or by volunteers themselves.

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