International Care Foundation (ICF) (IND-90)

Type: Health, Education, Disabled, Children, Art/Culture - Country: India

Brief description and main aims

International Care Foundation (ICF) is a non-governmental organization in Bangarpet and the  surrounding villages of Karnataka in Southern India, which supports the inclusion of disabled people in every aspect of life and helps them become independent. From its humble beginnings in 2012, ICF has grown organically and now delivers a range of services from support, mobility aids, counselling & career guidance to training & livelihood. At any point in time, through their institutional and community based activities and networking, we are facilitating qualitative change in the lives of around 1,800 people with disability primarily from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Main Activities

We have four different programs of holistic approach which are focused on the childs' physical, mental and health fitness.

  • Yoga ( for both girls and boys from 6th grade to 9th grade )
  • Life Skill Education ( for both boys and girls from 6th and 8th grade)
  • Menstrual Hygiene ( special program for girls from 6th grade to 8th grade )
  • Know your Food and Know your Farmer ( for both boys and girls from 6th and 8th grade)

Volunteer tasks

The volunteer is expected to:
  • teach basic English teaching
  • help us in activity based on teaching on life skills.
  • be able to speak with young girls about mestrual hygienic.
  • teach about Nutrition and home remedies through Ayurveda

Volunteer requirements / Skills

Volunteering is, in effect, an expression of concern about something or somebody other than oneself. It’s about putting in the time, effort and commitment to help fellow men, women or animals or to contribute towards a cause that you feel passionate about. It’s also about having the determination to put your values and beliefs into action with a view to improve the quality of a person’s life or the quality of a situation. Skills we are looking in our volunteer are the following:

  • Enthusiasm – a positive attitude is vital
  • Common sense – knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and bad
  • Non-judgmental – being able to take an objective view of a person’s problems , even if they’re of their own making
  • Awareness – being able to recognize other people’s needs and be able to look for ways to meet those needs as a result of training and your own life experiences
  • Reliable – willing to devote a set amount of time regularly
  • Compassionate – having empathy with the plight of a particular person or situation
  • Committed – demonstrating your passion for a cause
  • Self-confident – able to work both autonomously and as part of a team where necessary
  • Good communication – able to relate to both fellow workers and those you are trying to help and a willingness to make suggestions for improvements
  • Self-assured – able to take constructive criticism on board to improve one’s own skills and ability to help others

Gender: We have no gender discrimination but still we look for one male and one female , so the
female can help with the menstrual hygienic topic.
Age: any age above 20


We have presented our FRESH – Child Intervention module to the Karnataka board of Education which was accepted with open hands and we have a MOU with the board and implementing the same in government school of South 4 zone.

Kaggadaspura, c v raman nagar, and surrounding areas.

The social and economical bakcground of the community is of all underprivileged and daily construction labours children who come to government school.

Hosting Situation (Board and Lodging)

The volunteer will live with a host family.

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